Design and production of equipment: In accordance with the Customer's technical assignment, we design and manufacture custom-made multi-purpose equipment for various industries. We can provide a mechanical part of the device made of steel, stainless steel or other materials, as well as a fully automated device. We are designing new or manufacturing equipment according to existing samples or drawings provided by the customer.

We design and manufacture:

krumpliaratis20pxVarious conveyors, transporters, transportation systems;
krumpliaratis20pxVibration sieves;
krumpliaratis20pxSemi-automatic machines;
krumpliaratis20pxDrilling heads;
krumpliaratis20pxStamping tools;
krumpliaratis20pxJuicing equipment;
krumpliaratis20pxBlisters production equipment;
krumpliaratis20pxMetal constructions;
krumpliaratis20pxAnd other machines and production lines;
krumpliaratis20pxWe provide equipment‘s reconstruction or repair services.